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45th Vitória Stone Fair

During the Vitoria Stone Fair 2018, Magban launched the quartzites Blue Moon, Blue Velvet and Madeirus. There were also attention for other stones of the catalogue, like Platinus, Avocatus, Alpinus, Maskaratus, Michelangelo, Sandalus and many more.

It also featured other rocks that are part of its catalogue, such as Platinus, Avocatus, Alpinus, Maskaratus, Michelangelo, Sandalus, among others. The Blue Velvet, in its turn, caught the eyes of visitors, the material was used under the incidence of light (backlight), allowing to emphasize the unique colors and movements of the stone.

In this edition, the company provided innovation to the stand by presenting environments such as bedroom, living room, kitchen and square to make it easier for visitors to understand the application of natural stone in architecture and design, as well as to highlight the natural beauty of the rocks.

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